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Avispa Fukuoka 4 : 2 Fukuoka University

I decided not to go to the beach and instead go to watch the match and hopefully feel better about the team after seeing some of our briaght youngsters like Hatamoto, Yoshihara, Ushinohama and Son get a chance to play, and hopefully comfortably beat the University team.
Unfortunately Maeda had different ideas and played the first team players, with only Sakata, Naruoka and Suzuki not starting from the usual team, and with Naruoka out of the team recently and Suzuki suspended for 2 games it was basically our full team

I understand that maeda probably wanted the team to keep getting more time together, and hopefully gain confidence from a win, but it could have easily back-fired. We won 4-2, but anyone who actualy watched the game knows that the score flatters Avispa, and Fukuoka University could easily have got a win or a draw.

The game started well for Avispa with a corner for the University being easily cleared by Yutaka and quickly moved forward by kihara to Osmar.
It was very different to our usual very slow build-up, and with osmar crossing into the box we easily took the lead as Jogo converted.

Fukuoka University were playing in a solid 4141 formation, and didn’t panic, but were mostly restricted to long range shots. At least they were having shots on goal though, which is more than Avispa were managing.
They were rewarded for their effort with an equaliser as Osmar was dispossessed in our own half. He claimed a foul, but while Avispa players waited for the referee the ball was crossed towadrs the big #20 in the box. Playing as a lone striker he beat Koga, Kazuki and Kawata to the ball with his header bouncing down into the unguarded net.

With confidence from the equaliser they were very unlucky to not take the lead as space in midfield allowed the ball to be played into #8 on the right side of the box. After staying clam to cut inside and beat the defence he was very unlucky to see his placed shot come back off the near post when all the hard work had been done.
I was looking forward to seeing if Fukuoka University had any good players we could sign for next season, and in the first half #8 was their best player as an attack minded midfielder but after this chance he seemed to drift out of the game.

Almost straight from this chance the ball was moved upfield and Avispa caught the University with a sucker-punch. A was crossed low into the box from Wada on the right and Jogo was on hand to convert once again with a well taken volley.

Avispa were lucky to hold the lead, with Sueyoshi doing nothing in midfield against players he may have known as 1st years when he was graduating University, and Yutaka not really doing anything in attack against kids over 10 years younger than him.
They were even luckier not to concede an equaliser as Wada made a real mess of things in defence which culminated in him playing basketball in the penalty area. I don’t know how the referee or linesman missed it, but it was a clear penalty.
As with our second goal the students were rocked by the action and the ball was immediately moved upfield where Osmar was fouled on the edge of the box. A well-taken in-swinging free-kick from Sueyoshi was converted well by the first attacker to meet it; Osmar.

At 3-1 we looked more comfortable, and the lead was extended after Samir came on and got his first goal for the club. Samir’s movement and interplay is probably the best at the club, and after getting space on the edge of the box he placed a shot against the inside of the post from outside of the box. It was a good shot, and showed teh importance of getting shots on target, but the University goalkeeper might feel he should have saved it.
Samir looked good when he came on, while needing game-time for team-mates to understand his movement, but I feel he is missing some explosion needed as a striker. I’d like to see him put in a real, powerful shot, or take on a big central defender with a burst of pace to show he should be starting every week.

With the game won we conceded a goal which I hope gets played over and over again to the Avispa team and management.
Anyone wanting to know why we are at the bottom of J2 just needs to watch this and understand. Getting the ball with no danger the ball was passed around to the defence, with Koga seeming to demand the ball and then slowly pass to other defenders who don’t have the skill to do what they are trying to do.
With each pass allowing the attackers to get closer to the ball a rushed clearance then fell straight to the Univeristy who were able to quickly and easily run in on goal and score.

The game ended with us looking like comfortable winners, but nobody should be tricked into thinking that this was a good performance against what is a quite poor University team
Machida Zelvia will beat us if we play like this.


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  1. i think No8 in the university is kiyotake’s younger brother, who currently plays in tosu as a trial player.

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