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There is absolutely no point to chase this season, we can’t get any lower and whether we finish 8th or 18th doesn’t really make a lot of difference.

One thing we can do is try to make sure that we don’t go into next season like we are now.
The formation has to change. The tactics have to change. A lot of the players have to change.
Let’s start now so we know where to get new players at the end of the season, and have a chance to practice before the season starts.
1) Give up on promotion next season too.

The damage from this season is huge.
The money we have spent on salaries, and huge backwards step in formation and tactics (from the last 2 seasons) means the club needs to be totally rebuilt.

go into next season trying to create a strong foundation upon which to repair the damage. This season we over-stretched, buying in a group of players who didn’t gel, and a manager who asked them to play a form of football which was far too difficult for them.

Play with no pressure next season and try to make a style of play which all playing and coaching staff can understand and work towards.

2) Bring young players through.
Some players should already be certain to not be at the club next season.
Wada, Tsutsumi, Naruoka, Kobara, Okada, Yutaka. I guess all of these players are taking salaries of over 10m yen a year and have done no better than if a youth player had played on his basic 3.5m trainee package.
Nobody could say Naruoka has been better than Ishizu, or Kobara better than Hatamoto. Nobody really knows how good Masato, Son or Ushinohama is.

Give these players a chance, they can’t do any worse than we have already and might be a whole lot better.
Fukuoka produces a huge number of top level players, but very few of them come to Avispa; let’s become known as a place which is willing to give young players a chance with one or two older heads like Koga and Jogo around to support and help them develop.

I’d even drop Sakata. He is our best player but can we really justify his expense for what he has done in the 2nd half of the season?

3) Change formation.
442 is an old fashioned formation.
Very few top clubs or countries will play it, and those which do rely on either a long ball game to big strikers and flying wingers using the corners along with well drilled set-pieces (a la Stoke City); or with 2 high class full-backs acting as support wingers to make the pitch wider and force teams to double/triple team wingers (a la Brazil).
We seem to be trying to play a possession based passing game when we only have 2 midfielders.

I think we should be trying to play a 451/433 formation which allows players to hold midfield, with wingers who are happy to get into the box as Jogo has done so brilliantly at times this season.

My team for the rest of this season.


Substitutes: Kawata, Hatamoto, Son, Samir, Ushinohama, Yoshihara, Sakata

Osmar has been great and will hopefully be encouraged to stay for another year if he gets starts.

Ishizu has done more than anyone on the left and will get better.

Jogo couldn’t have done more.

The midfield is a total mess. Hopefully with an extra man Suzuki and Sueyoshi can gain confidence again, and Okada can be replaced with a really top quality experienced midfielder in post season.

Kim can go forward with more confidence with 3 volantes.

Yamagucji and Koga are experienced and solid, with Hatamoto getting lots of sub appearances.

Wada shouldn’t be playing but until Oh gets fit we have no options.

Kamiyama is still good enough for J2 despite making mistakes.

The fans would understand that this is a team and formation for the future and if he gets brave and does this with some success it might even save Maeda his job as a confidence about next season grows.


Posted August 21, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

2 responses to “New team – New formation – New tactics

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  1. I am new to the blog but I will keep reading!

    I agree with you in these points, nice summary. But I think the most important thing is New Coach. We didn’t want Maeda at Volca and I have no idea what he is doing at Avispa. I think the players are wondering too.

    • Interesting to hear that he wasn’t popular at Volca either.

      He seems to have totally lost all team spirit at the club, and watching how players react around him they don’t seem very happy.

      I think a new coach would solve a lot of things.

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