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Suzuki Jun claimed the Avispa team was scared of Shonan Bellmare during the week; I can’t imagine things are going to get less ‘scarier’ for Avispa as they make the short trip north to play Giravanz in the Fukuoka derby.

Giravanz are a much better team then they were when setting the record low points score for the division 2 seasons ago; of all the new teams from the last few years they have progressed the best, but are still a team which Avispa should be beating with ease.
This is summed up by the fact that in the 3 times we have ever played them we have won 3 times.

The games are getting closer, but with Avispa wounded after a terrible month and hopefully playing to prove they have a future as a professional footballer we should be able to to beat them.

Avispa news

Defence is likely to remain unchanged as even though Minje had his worst ever game, and Wada seems to be on the decline as a footballer, the options to replace them are pretty much non-existent.
What has to be addressed is that when he goes forward Minje is one of the best left-backs in the division, defensively he is less strong. Give him the freedom to break forward.

Midfield will see Suzuki and Sueyoshi remain in the team as local boys, but Sueyoshi in particular has to start playing with energy or give up on being a footballer.
Naruoka and Okada are likely to remain on the bench in a political move, with Kihara hoping for a more productive game than Shonan. I’d play Ishizu ahead of kihara but Maeda won’t.
Jogo is undroppable.

Up front I think they will keep Sakata and Nishida, but at the first sign of tiredness switch for both Brazilians. Personally I’d play Samir and Osmar from the start, but that would be too much especially in a derby.

Kitakyushu news.
Kitakyushu looked quite good and compact last time they played us, with tall centre-back Colin Killoran looking quite good.
The way to get at them will be balls from the byline played to the near post, but I say that every week and we never use the flanks despite having some of the leagues fastest players.

In midfield they are going to be slightly weaker than usual with Morimura suspended, which will hopefully give our weak midfield pair a chance to gain confidence.

Up front they are pretty industrial and hopefully nothing to worry Koga or Kobara.

My Prediction

Giravanz 0 – 1 Avispa

We have won every game against Giranvanz, but they have also been quite ragged, close games.


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