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Avispa 1 – 3 Shonan Bellmare

Having been in England for some Olympics football I came back to find 3 surprises.
Firstly Maeda is still our manager. I was sure that he was off after the Mito game, and it would seem to confirm for me that he is keeping his job due to the expense of replacing him.
Secondly, having stayed in a job Maeda has been quite ruthless, and in my opinion correct in dropping a few of the bigger name players. Friends Naruoka Sho and Ryu Okada have both dropped to the bench for younger players in Mihara and Sueyoshi.
Lastly, and quite bizarrely, we have a new player. Striker Osmar has signed as a striker until the end of the season. I can’t imagine why, probably because he had no club and was offered on a cheap trial type basis to put himself in the shop window.

The changes didn’t do too much harm as we beat Gifu 3-0 away from home, but playing against perhaps the weakest team in the division we can’t read too much into this result.

We started the game against Shonan with the same lineup as Gifu, with Naruoka and Okada on the bench.
I totally agree with Naruoka being dropped. He is a great player, but doesn’t hold formation which with our current lack of organisation is more important to get correct before worrying about more difficult, fluid play.
Okada being dropped is less obvious. Not because he is a great player, but because Sueyoshi has taken a couple of huge steps backwards this season and now looks like a JFL player.

Despite the change of personnel there hadn’t been a huge change to our awful formation and tactics which has caused so many problems. From the start we were being totally out-classed in midfield where Sueyoshi was totally anonymous and Suzuki looks so slow that it seems he needs a serious ‘water-carrier’ type midfielder to play alongside him and do his running.
Our defence were repeatedly just passing the ball around in our own half, missing runs when Jogo was desperately trying to give options, with Suzuki just standing in the centre-circle pointing backwards and Sueyoshi sometimes dropping deeper than the defence to join in this stupid game of faux-Spain bullshit.

It would be bad enough to watch this in any circumstance, but made even worse as they can’t do it and end up giving the ball away in our own half as we invite the opposition to attack.
It started here


Posted August 13, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Match Reports

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