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At the start of the season i set some targets for the players in the squad.

Having done so badly I thought I would look back and see how players are doing compared to my expectation and hopes.

This is what I wrote, and how they are currently doing….

Kamiyama = Start and finish the season having stayed as first choice keeper in the League.
On target. Has made a couple of mistakes recently, but otherwise has probably been our best player.

Kim Min Je = Get 8 assists for the season.
On target. Our main source of attack at the moemnt, and definitely on course to get more than 8 assists.

Okada = Play well enough in one position to make it clear whether he is a full-back or a winger.
On target. Hasn’t done my target, but has shown he is nothing apart from a defensive midfielder. Nothing more than an average J2 level one, but has a clear position.

Wada = Finish the season without the disappointment of relegation or missing promotion.
Off Target. Bad season for him. At least he played while having a disappointing season previously, now he can’t get in the team.

Koga = Get 30 games in the season and prove he is here to play rather than retire back in Fukuoka.
On Target. Will get 30 games, but must be very unhappy with the defence.

Yamaguchi = Limit the goals we concede from set-piece headers to under 8.
Off target. Fairly prophetic. He isn’t in the team, and we concede headed goals almost every week.

Sueyoshi = Run over 10km a game as a box-to-box midfielder.
Off target. Doesn’t get a game, and when he does looks off the pace. Should have been an important player this season.

Suzuki Jun = Have at least 1 long shot in every game he plays.
Off target. Started the season doing this, and scored the winner in our second game against Machida, but is now too deep and too slow.

Jogo = Mix his movement so he is sometimes running towards passes rather than onto them.
On target. His movement has been more confident this season, but still needs to go looking for the ball more.

Yutaka = Score over 15 goals.
Off target. 10 for the season would be a miracle.

Kobara = End the season as clear first choice at centre-back.
Off target. The guy can’t handle defending and organising.

Kihara = Force his way to getting 5 first team starts.
Off target. I think he should be getting more chances, but at the moment he isn’t near starting.

Sakata = Be in the top 10 scorers charts for the division.
Off target. Started like a train, but has had terrible form since injury. Could still do it.

Ishizu = Score a goal after playing from the start for the first team.
Off target. As with Kihara I think he deserves a chance, but isn’t considered to play from the start at the moment.

Chang = Become first choice as right-back at some point.
Off target. Our right-back spot is a disaster, and now injured he may have missed his chance.

Nishida = Get 5 goals as substitute.
Off target. Could still do it, but doesn’t seem to be able to score at the moment.

Naruoka = Be in the reckoning for J2 Player of the Year.
Off target. Only award he might win is ‘Most over-rated player in J2’. If he was half as good as he thinks he is we would have a great player.

Miyaji = Get 10 substitute appearances.
Off target. JFL level player. Surely his last season at the club.

Omata = Start 10 games.
On Target. Did well before being injured.

Kawata = Play all Cup games.
On target. No Cup games played yet, but he will start them.

Yoshihara = Score a goal for the first team.
Off target. Not even close to the bench yet.

Kasagawa = Be ready as sub for all games.
On target. Always fit and ready.

Son = Make his first team debut.
Off target. Nowhere near the bench.

Hatamoto = Make his first team debut.
On target. Came in when he was needed and did really well. The bright point of this season.

Ushinohama = Be happy to play as substitute and make a difference against teams with 15 minutes left to play.
Off target. Why doesn’t Maeda give him a chance. After what he did last season it is a mystery.

Tsutsumi = Be first choice right-back by the end of the season.
On target. Bizarrely he has achieved his target while playing pretty badly.


Posted July 28, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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