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Fukuoka has been in the news a little this week after the quite bizarre situation of a player being linked to come on loan to us being announced on the blog of a friend of his before either club confirming it.

The player involved is Kenta Kano from Yokohama F Marinos who plays in midfield.
He is 26 and has played his whole career at Marinos, with a scoring record which suggests he likes to get forward.
I’d assume he would be coming to play in central midfield as that is where we have been having major problems, and there are numerous players available to play on either wing position.

At this stage of the season I can’t really see the point of bringing anyone else in, unless it is with an eye on him staying for next season.
We probably need to win 75% of our games from now to the end of the season to even make the play-offs, and the addition of one player, while maybe improving things is unlikely to change things that dramatically.
I’d sooner the money was spent on changing the coaching set-up and paying off Maeda, with any extra being put aside to rebuild the team next season.

Here is a photo of him at his ‘farewell party’, with a shirt signed to wish him good luck in Fukuoka.
It would seem unlikely that they would cancel the whole transfer after this.


Posted July 28, 2012 by avispafukuoka in News

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