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Mito 4 – 2 Avispa

Surely this has to stop, surely Maeda has to be sacked if he doesn’t resign?
At a club who have brought in a large number of players from J1, have some very talented young players, and a wage bill which must be among the top 5-6 in the division we are now in 16th position, just behind Matsumoto Yamaga.

The game yesterday started as well as it could have done with Kim Minje (again playing like someone who should be in J1) charging down a ball to block an attempted clearance and put a ball dangerously into the box. Sakata should have done better after a parry from the keeper, but from the rebound Jogo decided to hit a first time bicycle kick into the goal and score another outrageous goal.
Looking at this season and some of the wonder goals which have been scored by individual brilliance it isn’t unrealistic to say we could be even lower than 16th.

Avispa went on to control the first half, and should have extended their lead but with strikers out of form they were often making wrong options. Naruoka Sho in particular decided to pass after making his way to near the penalty spot, and shoot wildly over from outside the box with 3 options in it.
Mito had chances to equalise, mostly through our Achille’s heel this season: crosses into the box. Twice attackers missed from positions they should have scored from, or at least got a header on target.

Coming out for the second half I was epxecting Avispa to shut up shop, and play their possession game which while not capable of making many chances should stifle the opposition out of the game.
The game started getting a little aggressive, which I always thinks suits Avispa, but just as it looked like we could take the upper hand Mito equalised.
It came from the right flank again where Tsutsumi was again absolutely terrible. I know Wada was awful when he played too, and oh is now listed as injured, but there must be something we can do to stop Tsutsumi ever playing.
A ball into the box should have been delat with, but was instead allowed to be slipped through to a Mito attacker to smash against the bar. The rebound was clearly tapped in by the striker’s hand, but the referee missed it.

After this Avispa went totally to pieces. They will say that Mito’s second goal should have been disallowed after Suzuki Jun was fouled, and that there was a big deflection for the 3rd or 4th, but the reality is we are shit.
The players are not as good as they think they are. The manager is awful. The fringe players who may offer something are never given a chance. And Mito were the better team.

We got a late goal as Koga and Kobara combined to bundle home a Suzuki Jun cross but who cares.

Posted July 23, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Match Reports

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