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As any sort of competitive entity of any interest our season is over. Consecutive defeats to Tokushima and Yamagata, after previously drawing about 6 games in a row means we have no chance of doing any other than finishing in the top 10 at best. A meaningless feat.

For this reason i would prefer us to start playing younger players and those who want to be at the club in J2 next season. From this we can see who is good enough, and which positions we need to get new players for.

With Yutaka injured in the last game I would love to see Samir or Nishida play from the start, I’d like to see Masato on the bench even more.
Oh should play at right-back, Iishizu on the wing, Suzuki and Sueyoshi in midfield even if Okada gives us a little more. This season is a write-off, let’s try and get something from it.

Mito have had their characteristic good start, but are now in decline mode and I would hope that we can win the game, even with some players who are on teh edges of the squad; especially with players on the edge of the squad who might see some reason to this otherwise fairly meaningless game.

Avispa News
Omata is having some operation on his knee, Yamaguchi is long term out, and Yutaka went off last week injured early.
Even if they are fit to play I would sooner play Minje, Hatamoto and Nishida any way.
Maeda isn’t going to admit defeat so apart from this will maintain the same failing 442 formation, and players who have ‘achieved’ a 14th spot in the table despite having one of the biggest wage bills in the division.

Mito news
Mito have noone out injured, and despite picking up a draw at Level-5 stadium didn’t really look like a team who should be causing many problems for Avispa.

Their Peruvian midfielder Romero Frank was particularly poor on that day so hopefully he will be playing and give our midfield a bit of confidence.

My Prediction
Mito 0 – 2 Avispa

Don’t know why I bother, but Ill still maintain that Avispa should be beating teams like this at a brisk walk. Maybe the players have the same belief which is why they play so aimlessly.


Posted July 22, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Preview

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