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Avispa 1 – 0 Ehime FC
26′ Jogo

If Yokohama was a step up from Gifu then this was definitely a step up from Yokohama. It still isn’t the answer, but at least we are moving in the right direction and to get 3 points is all that really matters.
Another step forward against Tokushima next week and it might start looking like we can do something this season.

The team only had 1 change from that against Yokohama, and it was one I was very pleased to see as Kim Min Je came back in at left-back as Omata is injured. Omata has done well, but Min Je offers us so much going forward, and his pace and energy proved the difference in this game and was probably the biggest factor in us getting all 3 points.

The team staretd with a lot mroe energy than they had in the last home game with Gifu, and the most obvious example of this was in that they were getting the ball forward much sooner. It helped to have Minje as an outlet on the left, and Okada continued to get better as he really covered the ground in the middle of the pitch.
Long balls were still being aimed forward towards Yutaka’s head and he doesn’t make very much of these, but was doing better and looking livelier than he has recently.

It was a combination of these two players which led to the goal as Min Je broke forward and played a cross to the back-post after a clever 1-2 from Yutaka. It was a ball from near the byline, something I believe Avispa should be trying to hit 5-6 times a game and Jogo easily converted at the back post.

Jogo later said that it was Min Je’s goal, but he still had work to do and that he made it look easy shows his goal scoring form this season.

Ehime struggled to make many clear chances, but were still seeing some of the ball and getting corners. One aspect of the last 6 weeks is that while we haven’t been very exciting, or won many games we have managed to stop goals from corners. Again today we looked solid from corners.

Avispa didn’t make many more clear chances, and towards the end of the game were more than happy to try to play out the clock. Ishizu came on for a short cameo, and again looked lively. He will be a big player for us next season.
One disappointment about the game was that Suzuki Jun had one of his worst games of the season. despite us winning he looked tired and off the pace for most of the game. If we are to go on a run of wins then he needs to pick up form soon.

My Man of the Match.

Kim Min Je.

Okada ran a lot of kilometres in the middle of the pitch, and Jogo became our top scorer for the season but Minje had his best game in an Avispa shirt.
He has often been dynamic in attack, but today he combined that with being totally solid in defence. Has to stay in the team.


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