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I’ve been really busy with work recently, and even missed the home game against Fagiano, so haven’t been able to write many reports/updates.

The other site I wrote updates itself so try looking at that if there is nothing here: Avispa Tweets

I also haven’t felt like writing very much recently as the team has been awful.

We got a draw against Fagiano, but it took a ridiculous own goal to take the lead, which was easily clawed back by another cross into the box being dealt with badly by our disorganised defence.
If it had happened against one of the better teams I’d have to accept that it happens, but Fagiano should be a team we can easily deal with at home.

Even more of a concern than that game was the defeat to Tochigi yesterday. While Fagiano are at least having a half-decent season Tochigi have just lost 7 games in a row.
Against one of the worst teams in the division we didn’t create a chance all game, the closest opportunity coming as Suzuki Jun hit a free-kick against the corner of post and bar from a central position.
This was after we had conceded a first half goal, yet again from a corner. As a cross was dealt with badly Tochigi recycled the second ball along the right side of the box for their attacker to score unchallenged at the near post.

Despite then chasing the game for 70 minutes we never looked like scoring, and it took a couple of saves from kamiyama in 1-on-1 situations to avoid an even more embarrassing scoreline.

The team plays the new Kyushu derby next week against Kitakyushu, and to be heading into the game well behind them in the table and probably happy enough to take a draw is a humiliating situation for the team who looked like they should be challenging to get promotion at the start of the season.

Posted June 3, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Match Reports

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