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This is the point at which Avispa have to do something with their season. Having played Shonan, Kyoto and Ventforet away, and JEF, Verdy and Yamagata at home you could say we have played some tough teams in our poor opening to the season.

Despite this we are still not a huge gap away from the play-off zone and have a sequence of games which are much easier (on paper).

The first of these games is Toyama away, and following this we have 7 games that I think the club should be disappointed to get anything except a win from (Fagiano, Thespa, Giravanz, Matsumoto, Gifu, Yokohama, Ehime). They are clubs our 2 man midfield should be able to play against and if we can put a great run together now we would be firmly in the play-offs by the summer.

I don’t know what will have happened with the travel this week. The club were up in Tochigi on Thursday night and it would seem easier to stay up there for the game 3 days later.

Avispa news
I think Sakata should be ready for a return to the starting squad this week after warming up against Tochigi, but that then asks who doesn’t play.
Nishida has worked very hard after being given his chance. Jogo was fantastic as striker against Yamagata. Kihara did well on the wing given a starting place. I suspect that Kihara might drop down to the bench.
Suzuki and Sueyoshi will play in the middle, Naruoka will float around after nominally being on the left wing.

Kim is definitely out, Omata plays. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tsutsumi come into the middle for Hatamoto. Hatamoto has been great, but he is 19 years old and shouldn’t be pushed too hard.

Toyama news
Quite good news for Avispa as experienced defender Yosuke Ikehata is out suspended. Being a fast played with a giant leap he would have been a big problem at our terrible corner defending.
Elsewhere Kihara might be able to help with information about Korean midfielder Seo Yong-Duk as a colleague from Omiya, who will play with fellow loan player Hiraide from FC Tokyo in a team otherwise made up of players I’d hope we ere able to beat.

My Prediction

Toyama 0 – 2 Avispa

The start of a winning run to give us confidence and save our awful season. Jogo to score again.

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