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Tochigi J-League decision   Leave a comment

After our game was abandoned on Sunday there were three possible options about what could happen next.

i) Let the result stand and Tochigi win 1-0.
ii) Play the last 21 minutes at a later date with Tochigi leading 1-0.
iii) Replay the whole game from 0-0, 90 minutes.

Option i) is probably what Tochigi would like, option iii) is almost certainly best for Avispa, and option ii) is fairest but has loads of problems associated with it.

To complicate matters there are instances in history of all three having happened around the world, with the FIFA guidelines seeming to sit on the fence by saying standard rules of the competition will be followed.

The J-League have made their decision and it is that the final 21 minutes will be played with Tochigi leading 1-0.

There are lots more questions which come up from this:
1) When is it going to be played? I guess it will be mid-week which means it is even more difficult for fans to see the end of the match and Tochigi have to arrange and pay for their stadium for 231 minutes.
2) Does the team have to be the same? If Sakata is fit can he play? If the team has to stay the same what happens if one of the players who is supposed to play is injured?
3) Can a player who had previously been substituted off come back on?
4) If one of the players who is on a yellow card gets another then will he be sent off?

Personally I think the nicest solution would have been to replay the game from the start, but for Avispa to deliberately score an own goal at the start to be fairer for Tochigi.
As with all the other scenarios there is a precedent for this!

I think FIFA should probably make one confirmed rule to avoid future confusion.

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