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Continuing the bunch of games which come at this time of year Avispa play their 3rd game in 6 days today as Oita make the short trip across Kyushu to play in the second Kyushu derby of the season at Level-5.

I’ve heard that the away tickets are already sold out, and have been for a couple of days, so there should be a good atmosphere with an Oita side who are doing a lot better than they have for 2 seasons (currently 5th in the table).

Tiredness may take an effect for both teams, which possibly favours the larger squad of Avispa, but Oita have the advantage of having played at home on Monday and now only having a short away trip compared to Avispa’s travel to Kofu.

Oita have a fairly terrible record in Kyushu derbies recently.

Avispa news
After getting a good away draw on Monday I expect the team to stay the same, despite meaning that is the 3rd start in a week for this team.
Playing at home to Oita I think 2 strikers is a good idea as Suzuki and Sueyoshi should have the quality to compete in midfield, but would like to see Kim (and Oh) at fullbacks to give more width as Naruoka cuts in to support midfield.
3 games in a week would be a great excuse to drop Yutaka, and whoever comes in should look at it as a chance to get a permanent spot, but I doubt Maeda will do it.
I think Yamaguchi is the only long term injury, although am wondering if Oh and Tsutsumi are also injured as they haven’t been in the squad recently.

Oita news
Every time I have seen Oita play against us I’ve though that their big striker Morishima is one of the best strikers in the division, but then looking at his stats it suggests he only scores against us.
he will be the key player for Oita, with his ability to both hold the ball up, and shoot from the edge of the box key.
I think that Avispa are well equipped to deal with him this season with Koga and Hatamoto showing that they can cope quite well with big strikers in recent weeks against Diogo and Davi.
Elsewhere I thought they looked quite weak in attack against Kumamoto last game and would hope we could contain them.

My Prediction
Avispa 2 – 0 Oita

Despite them being well above us in the table I think we have better quality than the league table suggests. Avispa are still favorites in the betting, but not as strong as they should be, and is a good bet for a home win.
Yutaka and Sakata to score.


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