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Kamiyama – 8 Wasn’t really called to do many saves, but when he was he pulled off a really good double save to keep the clean sheet. Playing very well.

Omata – 8 Totally solid defensively. Not as useful in attack as Kim, but as much as I like Minje he might find it hard to get back in the team.

Wada – 8No problems defensively, and put in a great cross for our second goal. Still not sure how comfortable he is at right-back, but is doing very well.

Koga – 9My Man of the Match. Was great in defence, but more than just his personal ability he makes everyone around him with his experience and organisation.

Hatamoto – 8 Showed no fear against a big Brazilian, and is getting better and better every game. I wonder how long he could have stayed on the bench if Kazuki and Koga weren’t injured.

Naruoka – 9Official Man of the Match. Showed he is a class above this division with 2 great goals and an assist. Is really useful in defence, one of our best defenders at set-pieces.

Sueyoshi – 7 Ruled midfield for much of the game with Suzuki, passing at a far higher level than usual. Put in some good tackles, would still like to see more bite.

Suzuki – 8 Was getting first to the 2nd ball more than anyone. Shows great vision in attack, even if not everything comes off. Capable of long range passing and tenacious tackling, should see himself as a deep midfielder in my opinion.

Jogo – 9Playing a little narrower than usual which really helped the team compared to hugging the touch-line. Good vision throughout and a very well taken goal to start the goals.

Yutaka – 6 Seems a little harsh in a 4-0 win, but we scored 4 goals and he didn’t get any of them and wasn’t involved in any of the goals.

Sakata – 8 Held the ball up well all game. Played with his back to goal for much of the game, but was key for all our goals.

Kihara – 8 Incredible first ever goal he will never forget. Looked lively and full of running.

Samir – 6 Got the ball once and maintained possession. Still not had a shot.

Nishida – 6 What price on helping team spirit? Hasn’t done it on the pitch yet.

Maeda – 8 Had to make changes and got it right. If Koga can stay fit it solves a major problem for him. Yutaka in attack is a question now, as is strengthening midfield for the stronger teams.


Posted April 25, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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