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Lots of great goals to watch this week, and hopefully the start of some good form with lots of games coming fast in the next few weeks.

I’m still a bit worried that we only seem to score great goals, but it is very nice to watch.

Goal 1 – Jogo’s improvised turn
Our corners this season have been fairly terrible. Very little variation, and none played short even though we have 3-4 players who could crack a good shot at goal.
Here the ball was cleared, but only as far as Naruoka in his customary position on the D. If teams are going to leave him alone there they deserve to concede, and after a first time shot scuffed to Jogo he quickly turned and shot into the corner after finding the ball.

Goal 2 – Just like watching Brazil
We started passing the ball around the opposition half instead of around our defence and carved Tokushima apart.
A ball out wide by Suzuki Jun was played to Wada in space to pass along the edge of the box. If Jun did get another touch it was very subtle, while Naruoka’s was a lot more straightforward: hit first time into the far corner.
Goal 4 took the plaudits, but I think this was even better.

Goal 3 – Naruoka curls it
Sakata was holding the ball up well all game, and here he plays it out to Naruoka on the edge of the box.
Taking three defenders out of the game with a cut inside he shows the merit of an inside-out winger by curling a shot into the far corner again.

Goal 4 – Kihara’s screamer
The winner of the J-League show’s Goal of the Day, and there can’t be many better first ever League goals.
Running into space he didn’t need any options as he went past his man and rifled an unstoppable shot into the far top corner.
Mad celebrations with the bench, and Jogo deserves some credit for the ball to him in space.


Posted April 23, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Match highlights

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