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After 2 awful weeks with defeats to Kyoto and Ehime I was pleased to see Maeda kept the same formation rather than panic, but unfortunately it is the wrong formation.

We have consistently played with a big hole in midfieldand did so again today, but with talent everywhere else on the pitch.

This talent ensured we took an early lead as an attack from the left, predictably from Min Je, saw a cross-shot converted by Sakata and look like Avispa might run away with the game with an obvious talent advantage over the opposition. Unfortunately Mito were never taken out of the game and under the control of thier decent number 10 never looked out of the game. It said something that even with their Peruvian midfielder looking terrible , I’m not sure if he touched bthe ball, we still lost midfield.


Football can be a complex game, but at it’s heart is always entries into the final thrid or penalty box. We didn’t get into the box more than one. The one time we did we scored, that means we need more talent in midfield.


When Mito equalised through an intelligemnt ball past Kobara it seemed almost inevitable after our possession was failed to be converted into a shot on goal, and at the enc it took a clip off the post to ensure we didnt lose.


Please let’s see more people in midfield  next week. Min Je got sent off for a soft challenge late on, but in reality was one of only 2 players ( with Sakata) fit to wear the shirt.

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