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Kamiyama – 7 For the 2nd week he played quite well, but conceded a lot of goals. He made a couple of small mistakes, but really had no chance.

Kim – 6 Should have done more for the first goal, but other than that didn’t do too much wrong and was ok in attack.

Oh – 5 Strong in attack, but 2 of the goals came from crosses down his wing. Like Gareth Bale he might be better in midfield eventually.

Kobara – 4 He needs to step up quickly. With Yamaguchi and koga both out injured he needs to take control and start playing like the senior defender.

Hatamoto – 5 Will remember the game for his horrible mistake, but as a young guy playing his 3rd game he will make mistakes. Otherwise did ok.

Naruoka – 7 Scored 2 goals, and hopefully it will put him on a run of goals. Looking quite frustrated with how weak the midfield was alongside him.

Sueyoshi – 6 Hard game for him doing the job of two people, sometimes 3 as he dropped back to cover for Oh.

Miyaji – 3 The game totally passed him by. As an experiment to see if he can play as a central midfielder it went horribly wrong. Back-up defender, nothing else.

Jogo – 6 Must help out with midfield more, coming inside at times. When he played as striker he looked lively, but missed his 2 very clear chances to score.

Sakata – 6 Was a class above the defenders at times and always looked like he could do something. If he wasn’t injured it was crazy to take him off.

Samir – 4 Got his chance to claim a first team position and blew it. I don’t think he has had a shot in the 3 games he has played.

Suzuki – 6 Made the midfield look a little better, and will probably be back for the game against Mito. We look better when tackles are going in, he is the man to do it.

Yutaka – 6 The team was better when he came on. Isn’t the total answer to our problems, but is a better answer than Samir at this point.

Maeda – 4 Doing a good job of losing the fans and possibly the squad. Changed things at half-time when he shouldn’t have, after not changing things last week when he should have.
Should have learned a few things about some of the players.


Posted April 10, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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