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Kamiyama – 8 Seems a high score for a keeper who conceded 3, but we’d have been about 4-0 down in 10 minutes if it wasn’t for him. Couldn’t do much about the first 2 goals, might be disappointed on the 3rd.

Kim – 6 Came up with some last ditch tackles, but nothing really happened down the left wing all game.

Wada – 4 Was the first game where he has looked uncomfortable at right-back, which is a good thing in general but a bad thing in this game.

Kobara – 5 A very hard day, but he is the senior member of the defence and needs to organise better. Still giving the ball away.

Tsutsumi – 4 Was his pressure which got our first goal but in defence his positioning and movement is JFL level.

Naruoka – 5 A poor game. When he plays well it gives us stability in midfield, today he just couldn’t get the ball.

Sueyoshi – 6 Probably the best of the midfield, but the game was lost in midfield where he was out-passed and out-classed.

Okada – 4 I see his role as breaking opposition play, and while he did it amazingly against Gainare he couldn’t get near the ball today.

Jogo – 6 The attacks we did have were down the right, and he put in a great cross for our second goal. Still want to see him playing faster.

Sakata – 7 Held the ball up well, and kept closing the defence when Kyoto had the ball. Without him we wouldn’t have scored either goal.

Yutaka – 6 Got a goal but didn’t really trouble the Kyoto defence. Doesn’t have any significant weapons.

Samir – 5 Played the ball out to Oh a couple of times, but he will be judged on goals and he didn’t even have a shot.

Oh – 6 I think he should start at right-back in the next home game. Incredible confidence, and trying to do some amazing stuff but needs more time on the pitch.

Hatamoto – 8 In the few minutes he was on the pitch he showed what we had been missing. Snuffed out atacks, played balls out of defence and covered opposition movement.

Maeda – 3 Got lucky with the 2 goals, but then didn’t capitalise by closing the gaps which must have been obvious to everyone.
Brought Nishida down to his home town, but then brought on Samir when a spark and support from the crowd may have chanegd things.


Posted April 4, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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