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Avispa announced the fairly surprising news today that they have signed another player to bring their squad up to the quite large size of 29 senior members.

It appears to be a transfer of convenience as Yatsuda is originally from Fukuoka, and plays as a centre-back so will fill in for Kazuki after he damaged his ACL.
At 30 years old he has played for over 10 years at J1 and J2 level, but is coming to Avispa from SC Sagamihara in the Kanto Leagues.

He seems to have had a very promising youth career, representing Japan at U-18, U-19 and U-20 level alongside people like Komano, but then saw his career tail off a little as he ended up playing semi-pro level until Avispa offered him one last shot.

Hopefully he will provide good cover, as Koga doesn’t look like he will be fit enough to be reliable, Kazuki is long-term injured, and Hatamoto is probably too young to maintain his excellent start for a full season.
I don’t want to see him brought into the team ahead of Tokio, or even Miyaji, but as someone experienced to use if needed he could be useful.

His (badly translated) comments on joining…”I would like to contribute to the team taking advantage of my characteristics; Height and Strength. Using all my power, I’ll do my best to get Avispa promotion to J1.”


Posted March 28, 2012 by avispafukuoka in News

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