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Not just a 4 – 0 win but also a really good team performance meame big scores this week.

Kamiyama – 8 Made 2 really good saves when called on, but he kicked straight into touch about 4 times again. Claimed one cross very well.

Wada – 9 Totally solid in defence and active in attack where 3 goals came from his side. 1 ambitious shot.

Kim – 9 Good in attack like always, but totally solid in defence today too. Making a really good partner ship with Naruoka.

Kobara – 8 Got his head on nearly everything and kept a clean sheet. Would like to see him getting the ball forward quicker to let others play.

Hatamoto – 8 Another completely assured performance, Avispa have found a player. Finds a way to step up and get in front of his man and tackles well.

Jogo – 9 A couple of times when I wanted him to run with the ball more, but is looking so good as he gets more time on the wing. So happy he is in a position I think suits him more, and he is looking like he is enjoying his game.

Okada – 9 Very easy to understate how important I thought he was as he does a lot of ‘dirty’ work, but his tackling and screens were as important as goals and assists. Possibly my Man of the Match.

Naruoka – 9 Scared the hell out of the defence evry time he got the ball, and working well with his team-mates now. The best thing being I think he can stay at this level and get even better.

Sueyoshi – 9 Will remember the game for scoring the best goal of his career, but did so much more than that. Defended well and passed expansively.

Sakata – 9 Scored 2 great goals, and got a very cheeky assist for the 4th. No-one is thinking about Nakamachi, Matsuura or Shigematsu now. Man of the Match.

Yutaka – 9 Big parts of the game where he was ineffective, but 2 assists and a goal has to score high.

Samir – 6 Looked comfortable in possession, but then got hit in the face and got a bit quieter. Took up good positions, but needed better service to see what he could do.

Ishizu – 7 Has great energy and the ability to beat a player. Should play 20 minutes every week.

Oh – 8 I thought he would have a nice pressure free debut at right midfield but then cam on and went crazy. Did some amazing stuff with the ball at his feet, but panicked and overhit his final ball.

Maeda – 10 A hugely attractive 4 goals, a clean sheet, keeping young players in the team and giving 2 debuts; can’t ask for much more.


Posted March 26, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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