vs. Gainare Tottori (youtube)   Leave a comment

4 really classy goals. It would be great if we can score goals like this every week, but all of our goals this year have been really good ones and we will need to get scrappy goals at some point.

1st Goal – Calm Sakata
Min Je breaks from the back and gets through a tackle after playing to the whistle while the Tottori defender waited.
A switch of play to Wada on the right, and Yutaka working hard in the middle sees the ball nicely lifted to Sakata who calmly changes feet and scores through a crowd.

2nd Goal – Sakata back-heel volley.
Another cross from Wada gets to Yutaka at the back post who cross-shoots across the 6-yard box. We finally have a striker who takes up the right position and Sakata spins to back-heel volley the ball in.
Would usually be a contender for Goal of the Week but…

3rd Goal – Sueyoshi’s volley
Straight from kick-off Avispa went looking for, and found a 3rd. Sueyoshi starts and finishes with a diagonal ball to Jogo, and then jumping to volley his great cross into the corner of the goal. Duly awarded Best Goal by the J-League show.

4th Goal – Yutaka gets one
After working quite well in link-up, and coming close to scoring this season Yutaka gets his first goal. Again coming from the right Sakata does some crazy toe flick pass which falls for Yutaka to smash in.


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