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Kamiyama – 8 Don’t know if it is because of less pressure being back in J2 and not having Rokutan pushing to get his place, but he is looking good this year. Great blocks, kicks still quite bad, and only 1 dodgy moment when he ran out of the box.

Wada – 8 Pioneering the Jumping Kick Defence technique. At some point it is going to go badly wrong, but until it does I hope to see this crazy move in every game.

Kim – 8 Played his part in keeping a clean sheet against tough opposition. Had to handle Yusuke, and generally did it well while still managing to get forward.

Hatamoto – 8 Looked very dodgy in the first 5 minutes, but then became amazing. Tackled, blocked, headed everything, and can pick a pass out of defence. Must stay in the team if not tired, he’ll be our best defender in 3 months.

Kobara – 7 Solid defensively, but was always trying to do too much with the ball. Didn’t give away a goal, but should have learned from Shonan not to play around in defence.

Sueyoshi – 8 His best game in a while. Stays on his feet, but makes timely interceptions and was one of the only players picking out Jogo on the right.

Okada –8 Starting to look like a player. His intelligence seems to be his best attribute, dropping back when he needed to and keeping things defensively sound as his priority.

Naruoka – 8 Trying very hard in this game, had some really nice moments and nearly scored a goal after dribbling past 3 players. Horrible tackle on their number 9 at one point.

Jogo – 7 Did everything well, and should have got the ball more often. Needs to start demanding the ball as attacks were mostly going down the left.

Sakata – 7 Great energy again, but will be judged mainly on the goals he scores. Looked very good, but I just couldn’t imagine us scoring.

Yutaka – 6 Tried hard, but even looking even less likely to score than Sakata. I’d have liked to see Nishida or Ishizu come on earlier.

Ishizu – 6 Came on for his debut and looked pretty lively. Not enough time to make much difference but is a trier.

Miyaji – 6 Very late substitution, not sure if he touched the ball, but a useful sub to have.

Maeda – 7 With a bunch of injuries and suspensions he put out a team which could easily have got a win. Brave enough to use Hatamoto, and will hopefully now try other youngsters. Needs to work on substitutions.


Posted March 21, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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