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A fortunate win from a team playing badly but doing just enough.

Kamiyama – 8 Kept us in the game for a long part of the match. Was beaten a couple of times, but saw the ball hit the bar. Needs to improve kicking. My Man of the Match.

Kim – 7 had an obvious game plan to launch long balls forward and try not to be caught out of position. Did OK defensively, and it was his pressure which probably caused Katamatsu to miss from 50cm out.

Wada – 6 Still not very comfortable on his opposite flank, but no goals were scored and has to have been doing something right.

Tsutsumi – 6 A really good combative tackler one-on-one, but gets pulled out of position. Doesn’t seem to have much of a jump on him.

Kobara – 7 Did OK in keeping a clean sheet and organising defence quite well.

Naruoka – 6 Was always going to struggle on this pitch as his short passing was even less likely to work, but tried hard and had good moments.

Suzuki Jun – 8 Got the excellent goal which proved to be the difference between the teams. Will hopefully start to dominate games. Hesitancy in the box late on nearly led to an equaliser.

Okada – 6 Was talking quite a lot, but I don’t really get this guy. Not sure what he brings to the team at the moment but hope he changes my mind.

Jogo – 7 Good in helping out with defence but offered less in attack. Is like watching a ES student at times as he goes to get the ball off people in possession and at throw-ins when he should be offering an option.

Sakata – 8 kept running all game, and it was his hurrying of the defence which got the ball back for our goal. The most important player at Avispa at the moment.

Yutaka – 6 One really good moment when he took a long volley spotting the keeper off his line but was generally shown up by Katsumata at the other end as a forward Captain full of running.

Sueyoshi – 6Didn’t change things when he came on, but didn’t make anything worse either.

Kihara – 6 Came on as a striker as we had none on the bench. Was presumably supposed to scare the defence backwards with his pace, but didn’t seem as quick as I thought he would be.

Maeda – 6 Got a win in difficult circumstances, but was very lucky to do so. Against a new team, with a new manager, playing at a pitch they are unfamiliar with.


Posted March 13, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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