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Over the course of the last couple of years I’ve been making predictions on the score of Avispa games, and looking at google-stats it is people looking for predictions who are quite often visiting the site in search of betting tips I guess.

In light of this I though I would see how well I have done with my predictions to see whether I am worth backing with any money.

2010 season
This was the first season that I started watching Avispa live every week, and getting to know the players and opposition.
Of my predictions I got the result correct 52% of the time (11 of 21), with the correct score in 2 games.

2011 season
Having known the team a bit better I’d hope my predictions would get a little better, but this was countered by me being skewed towards Avispa in a season when we lost nearly all of our games.
Despite being way to optimistic for most of the season I did get a little better getting the correct result 54% of the time (15 of 28), but wasn’t very good with correct scores having never got this right.

2012 season
I’ll set myself a target of getting the result right 60% of this season, and having only played 1 game am ahead of this so far with 100% success (1 from 1!).

In all the time I’ve been writing the blog I have an overall average of being right 54% (27 of 50) of the time with my predictions.


Posted March 9, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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