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Kamiyama – 6 Didn’t do much wrong, but didn’t do much right either. Would have required a fantastic save to stop their goal, but got marked down from a 7 for hassling players about position. Everyone seemed nervous, he was causing more tension.

Kim Min Je – 7 Assists for both goals, and got forwards as a big threat on many occasions. Caught out of position for their goal, and then seemed to lose a lot of confidence in going forward. Attack is his best form of defence.

Wada – 7 Playing right-back, and might do quite a bit this season as it is our least competitive position. Did OK, but got embarrasingly smoked for pace by their #14 at one point.

Yamaguchi – 8 Probably our best defender on the day. Got his head to most things, and was generally in the right place but never looks cultured. Probably needs someone experienced alongside him, but until Koga gets fit we don’t really have that.

Tsutsumi – 6 A beast of a man, he certainly looks more like a centre-back than a full-back. Did really well in the first half in a similar way to Yamaguchi, but fell to pieces in the second half; possibly through injury.

Sueyoshi – 7 Had a couple of really good defensive moments, but is certainly a player who likes to make interceptions and stay on his feet rather than worry the opposition attackers.

Suzuki Jun – 8 My Man of the Match. Looked really good in the first half, and was putting in lots of little tackles and semi-fouls which really upset Roasso’s rhythm. Looked like he might be doing enough to get Fujimoto sent off at one point.

Naruoka – 6 Could see he really wanted to do well, and was getting into good positions but seemed to miskick or slip at the vital point each time. Still trying fancy flicks, but has probably got players who can read it a bit better this season.

Jogo – 7 Looked great in the first half, getting the ball in space and driving forward. Capped off a great first half with a very nicely taken goal. Seemed to totally disappear in the second half. If we aren’t getting the ball he needs to go and help as part of a midfield 4.

Sakata – 8 Official Man of the Match. Looked full of energy, and has a directness which saw him get into the box lots, exactly what we need. Fantastic goal, he could be incredible this season as he gets into his flow.

Yutaka – 7 I still don’t think he should be Captain as it makes it hard to even substitute him. He did things pretty well today, but the referee didn’t seem to want to give him anything or allow him to hold up the ball. Hit the bar with a great free-kick, but are all free-kicks going to be predictable this year?

Kobara – 5 Didn’t really know why he didn’t start, but then when he did come on he looked well off the pace. Grew into the game, but needs to get match fit.

Okada – 6 I was hopeful that he would be someone who could drive from midfield, but struggled to get into the game and doesn’t look like a J1 player on this basis.

Maeda – 7 The team was set up very well, and stormed through the first half. I’m a little concerned that it was obvious Kumamoto were going to change things after the 1st half and he didn’t seem to do anything to respond and finished the game hanging on.


Posted March 6, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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