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Avispa finished their pre-season training with another 2 games in 2 days last weekend as they played Consadole Sapporo and Saga LIXIL on Saturday and Sunday.

As with the games against Marinos and Volca a couple of weeks ago I suspect that these were played as quite close to a first team and second team, but the second string did a lot better this time and will be knocking on the door for the match against Kumamoto on Sunday.

Avispa 0 – 0 Consadole Sapporo

On the face of it I was quite disappointed to get a goalless draw with Sapporo, but then thinking that they are now somehow a J1 club it is actually a good result.
I think we will score a lot of goals this season, and maybe not be so strong in defence, so to get a clean sheet against J1 opposition is actually quite encouraging.

Avispa 6 – 0 LIXIL

Obvioulsy the opposition is of a much lower standard, but you can only beat who you are playing and to do so 6-0 is as comprehensive as you’re likely to get in a friendly game.
Coming off the back of a 4-0 defeat from the last time the second string played ‘lesser’ opposition this is much more promising.

Yoshihara scored the only goal of the first half, and is probably learning more playing full matches at this level than sitting on the bench, and then scored another in the 2nd half to go along with a brace for Ishizu and goals by Kihara and U-18 player Kawakami.

Having scored goals when they have played I hope that both Ishizu and Yoshihara get places on the bench for the match on Sunday.

Striker Watch. The finished table for pre-season. This final friendly against weaker opposition has skewed things a little.

#1 Takahashi – 5 goals
#1 Ishizu – 5 goals
#3 Sakata – 3 goals
#3 Yoshihara – 3 goals
#5 Jogo – 2 goals
#5 Ushinohama – 2 goals
#7 Naruoka – 1 goals
#8 Nishida – 0 goals

From this I would like to see the following front 4 against Kumamoto….


With Ishizu, and Yoshihara on the bench.


Posted February 27, 2012 by avispafukuoka in News

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