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Always nice to have some targets in your job. These are the targets I set for the players in the Avispa squad, if they meet these this year then I reckon they will have done ok.

Kamiyama = Start and finish the season having stayed as first choice keeper in the League.

Kim Min Je = Get 8 assists for the season.

Okada = Play well enough in one position to make it clear whether he is a full-back or a winger.

Wada = Finish the season without the disappointment of relegation or missing promotion.

Koga = Get 30 games in the season and prove he is here to play rather than retire back in Fukuoka.

Yamaguchi = Limit the goals we concede from set-piece headers to under 8.

Sueyoshi = Run over 10km a game as a box-to-box midfielder.

Suzuki Jun = Have at least 1 long shot in every game he plays.

Jogo = Mix his movement so he is sometimes running towards passes rather than onto them.

Yutaka = Score over 15 goals.

Kobara = End the season as clear first choice at centre-back.

Kihara = Force his way to getting 5 first team starts.

Sakata = Be in the top 10 scorers charts for the division.

Ishizu = Score a goal after playing from the start for the first team.

Chang = Become first choice as right-back at some point.

Nishida = Get 5 goals as substitute.

Naruoka = Be in the reckoning for J2 Player of the Year.

Miyaji = Get 10 substitute appearances.

Omata = Start 10 games.

Kawata = Play all Cup games.

Yoshihara = Score a goal for the first team.

Kasagawa = Be ready as sub for all games.

Son = Make his first team debut.

Hatamoto = Make his first team debut.

Ushinohama = Be happy to play as substitute and make a difference against teams with 15 minutes left to play.

Tsutsumi = Be first choice right-back by the end of the season.

Not all of these targets are going to be possible. For some people making theirs will stop others from making theirs, but if players finish the season reaching these targets they can be satisfied.


Posted February 19, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

3 responses to “Player targets 2012

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  1. Hi, I’ve been Urawa Reds supporter since 2002.
    I think this web site is so wonderful.

    Tsutsumi is the left-side back and demonstrates capability when he belonged to Urawa Reds.
    I expect and hope he will play an active part in this season.

    I make sure that your storong support help Avispa comes back to J1 !

  2. Thanks for the message. It takes some work to update, but helps me practice Japanese translating things!

    I think Tsutsumi has been played at right-back in pre-season. We have a couple of players at left-back already (Kim, Wada), so it might be difficult to get in the team.

  3. Thanks for your inofrmation that Tsutsumi has been played at right-back in training match.And I found your training match’s report which Tsusumi played at right-back. I think so that it is difficult for him to play at left-back.

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