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Avispa 5 – 0 University

A training match back in Fukuoka saw Avispa take an easy win against more University opposition. Played up at the training pitches there were 4 30 minute quarters, and I would guess that most players got a bit of a game, much like against Oita last season.

The 4th quarter had the most goals, but that may be because the Uni team was getting quite a bit weaker rather than Avispa were playing any stronger.

1st quarter 1-0
24′ Koga
2nd quarter 0-0
3rd quarter 1-0
1′ Jogo
4th quarter 3-0
7′ Yoshihara, 23′ Son, 26′ Son

Nice to see Son getting some time on the pitch and goals. He is someone I want to see play more (along with Masato).

#1 Ishizu – 3 goals
#1 Sakata – 3 goals
#1 Takahashi – 3 goals
#4 Jogo – 2 goals
#5 Ushinohama – 1 goal
#5 Naruoka – 1 goals
#5 Yoshihara – 1 goal
#8 Nishida – 0 goals

Next match is against Oita in Oita on Saturday.


Posted February 15, 2012 by avispafukuoka in Match Reports

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