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Avispa 6 – 1 National Institute of Fitness and Sports (Kanoya)

Another training match, this time taking place at the camp in Miyazaki. It took place across 3 45 minute periods like the Fukuoka University match, but I don’t know the teams for these periods.

The result was much the same as against Fukuoka University with Avispa coming out 6-1 winners with most of the goals being scored in the final period. I’d be interested to know if they were playing the more familiar 4231, or the new 442 during this 45 minutes.

Daisuke Ishizu showed he certainly knows where the goal is with a 23 minute hattrick which must put him In the mind of the coach for one of the competitive striker positions as he is our pre-season top scorer.

1st Period: 1 – 0 (Sueyoshi)
2nd Period: 1 – 0 (Sakata)
3rd Period: 4 – 1 (Ushinohama, Ishizu, Ishizu, Ishizu)

Training match striker watch….(Which 2 (or 4 if we include the wingers) will play against Kumamoto!)
#1 Ishizu – 3 goals
#1 Sakata – 3 goals
#3 Takahashi – 2 goals
#4 Jogo – 1 goal
#4 Ushinohama – 1 goal
#6 Nishida – 0 goals
#6 Yoshihara – 0 goals
#6 Naruoka – 0 goals


Posted February 6, 2012 by avispafukuoka in News

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