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The time of year has come when the players have finished their holidays and are back into pre-season training. This is usually quite a lot of fitness work, but there are also some training matches, especially important with a new team having been built and needing to get to know how their team-mates play.

The first training match was against Fukuoka University, who will have also lost players since last year, but are not a bad team and perhaps won’t have expected to have been beaten 5-0 across 3 45-minute periods.

All of the Fukuoka players will have been trying pretty hard I guess as they have a new coach to impress, and lots of new team-mates to compete against for a first team spot.
Very few players can consider themselves automatic selections for the first game and will need to be showing something in the coming weeks.

Period 1
The team lined up with a mixture of youth and experience, old players and new players. This seems to be the way in these training matches rather than play a straight first team and second team.

Perhaps the best thing for me is that they seem to be adopting a simpler 442 formation.


Jogo got an early goal to start the season, which appears to have been scored from a loose ball after sustained pressure.

Period 2
The second period started with much the same line-up as the first, but with Jogo and Ishizu switching. I’d like to see Jogo in more of a midfield role, and I’m sure striker suits Ishizu better. Eita replaced Kawata in goal.

Midway through this ‘half’ the team had wholescale changes to introduce a new line-up.


It also saw the return of the more familar 4231 formation, but playing with some strikers it seemed to work with a goal being scored quickly after the changes as Sakata got his first goal in an Avispa shirt.

Seeing Miyaji in midfield is a new one, and maybe indicates some lack of depth we have in that position, but he might be able to do well there as I also think Kobara could.

Period 3
The final period was much like the end of period 2, with the only notable changes being that Kamiyama came on as goal-keeper and Captain, and Hatamoto came back on to give Koga’s legs a bit of a rest.

Settling into the formation, and with some of the most experienced strikers on the pitch they scored 3 quicks goals as Sakata got a second, and Yutaka helped himself to 2 as well.

5-0 against one of the strongest University clubs in the country is a pretty good result, even more so with a bunch of players playing together for the first time.
Nearly everyone in the squad got a bit of time on the pitch with only Kim Min Je, Takumi Wada and Go Nishida not getting a game with what I assume are injuries.


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