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Along with the new shirts being announced (see below) the club has also announced the squad numbers for the new season to put on the back of your shirt.

As usual it is impossible to tell too much from shirt numbers, but there are a few interesting points.

1. Ryuichi Kamiyama
2. Kim Min Jae
3. Ryu Okada
4. Takumi Wada
5. Masahiro Koga
6. Kazuki Yamaguchi
7. Toshiya Sueyoshi
8. Suzuki Jun
10. Hisashi Jogo
11. Yutaka Takahashi
12. Supporter
13. Shogo Kobara
14. Masakazu Kihara
15. Daisuke Sakata
16. Daisuke Ishizu
17. O Chang Hyon
18. Go Nishida
19. Sho Naruoka
20. Yosuke Miyaji
21. Hiroyuki Omata
23. Kohei Kawata
24. Masato Yoshihara
25. Eita Kasagawa
26. Son Jeon Ryun
27. Tokio Hatamoto
28. Taku Ushinohama
29. Shunsuke Tsutsumi

The first thing I would say is that it is a big, deep squad. The numbers might be similar to previous years, but this year I can see that all the players might be thinking they are close to getting on the pitch whereas in previous years there were always 4-5 players who you could see were youngsters or reserves.

In defence it is no surprise that Koga gets 5, but seeing Kazuki in 6 (for his 3rd different number in 3 years) is quite surprising. He might be getting the nod for being at the club longest rather than first team choice.
Ryu Okada looks to be starting the season as right back, and I hope Kim starts as first choice after keeping 2.

I’d have thought Sueyoshi would keep 22 as something of a trademark, but he seems to have been tempted by 7 which appears an odd choice. Getting 4 from Takumi Wada was unlikely to happen as owner of that shirt but in terms of players position would seem to make a lot more sense. 22 has been left empty, almost like people know that it has been strongly associated with Sueyoshi for a couple of years.

The oddest thing for me is the decision to not have a number 9. As one of the most prestigious shirts there must have been a few players who wanted it, and last year’s recipient Yutaka has relinquished it to leave it empty. I don’t think it means we have some big name Brazilian turning up as I have heard people guess, rather we have so many strikers on the books with no immediately obvious first choice that it was left empty to show all of them they have equal chance.
Naruoka keeps 19 unsurprisingly, while my choice for main man Daisuke Sakata gets 15. Nishida, Ishizu and Yoshihara get general squad numbers and should be playing up pre-season to be aiming for a place on the bench.


Posted January 19, 2012 by avispafukuoka in News

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