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It has taken quite a long time but today there was the confirmation that Shigematsu has returned to FC Tokyo.

Not sure why it took so long to be announced as it must have always been fairly clear-cut that he probably wasn’t going to spend time in J2 after having scored goals in J1 as a teenager and generally looked pretty good when he has played.

Kentaro Shigematsu

I think that Shigematsu may well have a decent career ahead of him after coming to the club on loan and having the confidence as a teenager to run with the ball and hustle more illustrious players as a hard-working forward.

He was willing to play on the wing as well as up front, and displayed a willingness to shoot from almost anywhere. Sometimes he chose the wrong options in his desire to get shots on goal, but he also scored some good goals.
His best attribute is his energy and willingness to chase down defenders and force mistakes. His pace means he comes at players early and was often the best defender for Avispa by limiting the time on the ball for the opposing team and causing passes to go astray.
I think there was a point during the season when despite being bottom of the table by a long way all of the points which we did have had been won during the times when Shigematsu was playing.

FC Tokyo should continue giving him substitute appearances, and encourage him to play off the shoulders of defenders when his team are in possession of the ball


Posted January 11, 2012 by avispafukuoka in News

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