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As some players leave, others come in to fill their place.

There is a rumour that the new manager is trying to fill the squad with players originally from Kyushu, and while this might be a happy coincidence it also isn’t a bad idea.
There are plenty of J1 players who are originally from Kyushu, but now ply their trade away from the island. Who wouldn’t want to come home?

Go Nishida
Originally coming from Kagoshima I guess that the manager has some prior knowledge of the player, and sees him as someone who will be able to score goals at this level.
He is a fairly well-rounded striker, and one who has managed to impress people without ever scoring a huge number of goals (career average of about 1 in 8 games).
Probably very happy to escape from Yokohama FC who have just finished what was probably their worst season since re-forming. A quick, finisher type striker who can use his head and will be looking to fill the furthest forward role.
The club is starting to have options in the forward positions and there is likely to be some competition for the central forward position come March.
Joining comments… “I am delighted to transfer to a great club. I want to work, and to maximize the team’s power and chances to win. Coming from Kyushu myself I have a warm feeling to be here, thanks for your support.”

Masakazu Kihara
Arriving as something of an unknown quantity is Masakazu Kihara from Omiya Ardija. Having only played once in his 2 seasons at Omiya I can’t find out much about him, but a similar thing could have been said about Matsuura last year.
The similarities with Matsuura don’t end there as Kiharu is an even shorter player at 164cm and can play anywhere across the front, although I suspect he will be utilised on the wing.
Relying on very fast pace I hope that we will finally see a winger who can hit the corners and make some more space in the middle.
He played for Japan at University level, getting a Bronze medal in the Universidade in Serbia, but has been troubled with injuries since then.
Joining comments… “Pleased to meet you everyone. I am Kihara from Omiya Ardija. I hope to use my speed to contribute to the team’s victory as we push for promotion to J1. Thanks for your support Avispa Fukuoka fans.”

Kouhei Kawata
Returning to Fukuoka after playing for the University team here is Kouhei Kawata on a season long loan from Gamba Osaka.
After 2 years at Gamba Osaka he is yet to play a game, and will be looking to compete with Kamiyama for the starting position at goal-keeper.
I expect Kamiyama to start the season in goal, but if he makes mistakes like last year will quickly be dropped. With 3 goal-keepers now signed for the season it almost certainly means that Rokutan won’t be at the club next season (with Yokohama rumoured as a possible destination).
It is listed as a loan move until 2013, so Gamba would seem to rate him quite highly, using a spell in Avispa a chance for him to get playing experience.
As with Kihara he represented Japan at University level, possibly in the same team as they are of a similar age.
Originally from Kyushu it sticks to the other players who have been brought back closer to their home towns.

Possible line-up from comfirmed players…




……Son…….Yamaguchi…..Hatamoto……O Chan Hyon





Posted January 5, 2012 by avispafukuoka in News

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