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Monday has come and gone and 6 more players have been announced as being at the club next year.

After the initial statement of intent was made in getting Jogo signed up straight away, all of these signings are probably the cheapest at the club to get sorted being the youngsters and Kazuki (who is still pretty young I’m surprised to find out).

Kazuki Yamaguchi.

He is a local boy who came to Avispa from Fukuoka University a couple of years ago and not made many appearances since then.

Always comes across as a really nice guy, and can be relied upon to give 100% in every game.
He isn’t the most classy defender in the world, but he seems to know that and throws himself into blocks and tackles and doesn’t try to be too clever.

Probably wouldn’t have expected to get so many first team starts in J1, but acquitted himself quite well in my opinion. Big season coming up in J2 to try to make himself a 1st choice defender.

Masato Yoshihara

I really want this guy to come good. He has been overtaken by Ushinohama as the brightest young talent at the club, but I think that given the chance Masato can be a 20 goal a season striker.

Tall but better on the floor, in a similar way to Mike Havenaar, if he got a couple of goals in the first month then he could be the man we have been looking for.

Don’t play him on the wings, give him a chance and he will score.

Eita Kasagawa.

Goal-keeper must be the hardest position to be a young player coming through as you will never get 10 minutes at the end of a game to prove yourself, and Eita is behind 2 half-decent keepers in Kamiyama and Rokutan.

Not good enough to jump above them next season, he has done nothing wrong and will be on the bench next season if one of those two decides to try and move to get first team football.

Doesn’t seem crazy enough to be a goal-keeper. I’ve wondered if he reads this blog as it is a name which gets searched for pretty regularly.

Son Ryun Jyon.

I was expecting big things from him this year as he looked like a decent player in the Emperors’s Cup, but then he never appeared.

Glad that he has a new contract, but he has to get onto the first team bench this season.
Maybe being held back by his versatility. I’ve seen him listed as a midfielder and a defender, it sounds good as a guy who is a natural footballer, but he needs to start being seen as a specific position soon.

Tokio Hatamoto.

Only seen him once, during the charity match with Oita, but he looked calm and composed in that game despite being only 18. A new Makoto Tanaka rather than a new Kazuki Yamaguchi.

Is very highly rated having been called up for Japan U-16, U-17 and U-18 National Teams, but defenders tend to take a long time to mature so it is unlikely he will get much more than bench appearances next season.

A really good prospect and someone we should be giving opportunities to taste the first team as often as possible.

Taku Ushinohama.

Definitely has the physique of a 19 year old, but can hopefully maintain his elusive running and speed while getting a little bigger.

The new huge talent at the club having got 4 appearances in the first team in J1, and managing to score 2 goals of very high quality in the process.

Performed one of the highlights of the season by skinning an Oita player in the early season charity match which showed he had some confidence before scoring against Yamagata.

Big things will be expected of him next season, and while I think Masato and Son might turn out to be better players in 2012, Ushinohama could be the best of the lot long-term.

Not happy to have Masato out on the wing, but with the current signed players we can line up…




??????????…….Yamaguchi…..Hatamoto……O Chan Hyon



Posted December 19, 2011 by avispafukuoka in News

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