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Kosuke Nakamachi = D+
Had some decent performances, but if we were ever going to stay up last year he needed to be a Star Player. Made Captain for the start of the season the rest of the team could have been pulled together by a central midfielder giving a J1 performance. Came far short on too many occasions and ended the season on the bench.

Suzuki Jun = B-
Wasn’t the greatest player in the League but made a huge step up from last season and didn’t look totally out of place. A substitute in J2 he played over half the games this year and looked a better young midfielder than last year’s Rookie of the Year Sueyoshi. I’d like to see him consider himself a defensive midfielder and work on his tackling as he doesn’t have the dynamism to go box-to-box.

Takuya Matsuura = B
Made a very good decision in coming to Avispa for a year, even if it ended up with relegation. The minutes on the pitch have developed his game, and by the end of the season was our best midfielder. Likes to play inside rather than as a traditional winger, so was much better with a full-back who gets beyond him. Can try to do too much at times, and probably needs to be a bit more cynical about fouls in the box. Hope he stays.

Sho Naruoka = D+
Didn’t do too badly, but was brought to the club to be one of the men to keep us up. Failed to do this, and didn’t really justify the “It’s Show-time” announcement when his name was called. Often he was guilty of over-complicating things, and while sometimes he was ‘too good’ for his team-mates it is up to him to realise he is in a relegation scrap not playing for Barcelona.

Norihisa Shimizu = D-
Another player who wasn’t terrible, but came to the club as an established J1 player who was presumably on a decent salary and never did anything to justify coming to the club in the first place. His legs are gone, and leaving the club was the right decision.

Toshiya Sueyoshi = C
At the end of last season I said he had a lot more to do, and that I hoped he didn’t think that as J2 Rookie of the Year he was the finished article. I’m not convinced he is any better now than he was a year ago. Needs to decide what sort of player he is. I thought he was a defensive midfielder, but he doesn’t ever seem to tackle. Needs to impose himself onto games and pick up yellow cards for tackling rather than pulling players back.

Son Jeong Ryun = D
Still young, but while guys like Ushinohama have come in and got J1 experience he hasn’t been anywhere near the squad. Don7T know if he has been injured, but should be stepping up soon.

Taku Ushinohama = A
A real highlight of the season. Looked good in a charity game, and then got game time in the first team. Asked for the ball against J1 opposition and took 2 great goals in the win against Montedio Yamagata when he was given a chance. Can’t really ask for much more from an 18 year old academy player and he will be the name on lots of supporters lips next season.


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