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Yutaka Takahashi = C-
Showed that he is exactly the type of goal-scorer we need at times, but needs to be 10 years younger with the chance to get 10% better. As it is he was a J2 standard striker having one last hurrah in J1 at the end of his career. Didn’t do badly, but was never going to be what we needed.

Hisashi Jogo = D+
A conundrum. At times he was our best player, possibly one of the best forwards in the League, at other times he drifted out of games and offered no threat to the opposition. Seems to model his game on a Messi role, when as our furthest forward striker he should be looking at van Persie. Don’t drift out wide when there is no-one in the box, attack the ball rather than hope for mistakes, play off shoulders instead of coming deep.

Yusuke Tanaka = B+
Strange to be listing him as a forward (taking this from the homepage) as he looks to have re-invented himself as a right-back. Outstanding in this position at the end of the season where his natural width offers attacks with the midfield 5 playing narrower to compliment Kim Min Je on the other side. Knows what a winger wants, plays quick, direct balls and has energy to spare.

Hideya Okamoto = B-
Top scorer for the season, and scored some great goals along the way. Would score for anybody due to his willingness to shoot and competence at it, but offers little beyond this. When we were getting over-whelmed in midfield we needed someone who could get back and help out but he was more often lingering around waiting to collect a ball to try and score another goal from the edge of the box.

Masato Yoshihara = C-
Can only play when he is allowed to, but should have got more games this season. Did ok when he came on, but needs to be a regular next season if he is going to make it. Ushinohama has overtaken him as the club brightest young talent.

Kentaro Shigematsu = B+
Had a spell in the middle of the season when he was our best player by some distance, but wasn’t getting games despite this. A young player he seemed to fade out a bit towards the end of the season, and maybe this was why he didn’t get more games earlier. Happy to shoot at goal from anywhere, and with a bit of bite to his game. Needs to realise his ‘defending’ is one of the best parts of his game and keep running. A little greedy with shots at times.

Daisuke Ishizu = B-
Good season with the University team, nowhere near the Avispa team despite us really needing an out and out striker. Signed for next year, and I’m interested to see his standard.

Ramazotti = D+
Caused all sorts of problems when he played, and got a goal which he clearly really enjoyed, but after coming in August it took 2 months before he was ready to play. Rumoured to have cost the club 40m yen all told, he managed 4 substitute appearances. Could have been awesome in J2, and I think he should have done everything he could to play and make a name for himself to attract the attention of a big club in the summer or following season.


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