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Kamiyama – C-
He won’t have been happy about losing his spot mid-way through the season, and being seen as a bit of a joke by supporters of other clubs but after a few terrible mistakes he deserved to lose his spot.
Still the best shot-stopping keeper at the club, and capable of some world-class saves at times, but also prone to awful blunders. Blunders at J1 level mean you end up losing points, while at J2 they meant that Avispa might win 3-1 instead of 3-0.
Most important attribute for a keeper is consistency, and that is one thing Kamiyama doesn’t have. Much like Heurelho Gomez at Tottenham he might end up being out of the 1st team despite being the better keeper because the defence can’t trust him.
Aside from his concentration he has to be more commanding at crosses.

Rokutan – C+
Got given a chance mid-way through the season and while he wasn’t outstanding he did enough to keep his spot. Rarely makes great saves, but also doesn’t make too many mistakes. I’d keep him as a decent and reliable back-up keeper but I think he is going to want to be 1st choice keeper for a club somewhere.
Has a bit of a suspect temperament, and isn’t ever going to be much more than average.

Kasagawa – C
A young keeper he had a couple of games on the bench, and a couple of games in the Emperor’s Cup. If Rokutan or Kamiyama end up losing he will be a reliable bench player, but hard to say much more than that at the moment.


Posted December 12, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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