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Having played all the matches for the season, and given scores for each match I have watched I can now make an average score for the season.

Last year the Avispa Eigo Player of the Season was Nakamachi, with Jumbo being worst performer. I’ll add a Young PLayer of the Season this year too.

Kamiyama – 5.9
Kim Min Je – 6.8 Player of the Year
Tatsunori – 6.1
Wada – 5.9
Makoto – 5.6
Daiki – 6.0
Nakamachi – 6.4
Suzuki Jun – 5.9
Yutaka – 5.6 Worst Performer
Jogo – 6.0
Yusuke – 6.3
Kobara – 6.3
Matsuura – 6.2
Hideya – 6.0
Yamaguchi – 6.0
Masato – 6.7 (only 3 sub appearances)
Naruoka – 5.8
Miyaji – 5.3 (only 4 sub appearances)
Shimizu – 5.8
Sueyoshi – 6.2
Rokutan – 6.4
Shigemastu – 6.4 Young Player of the Season
Ushinohama – 6.3
Ramazotti – 6.0

Player of the Season Kim Min Je
His defensive abilities are flawed, which is probably the reason why he lost his place to Takumi Wada in the middle of the season, but his willingness to run along with being the best crosser at the club makes him my Player of the Season.
I’d be interested to see how he does playing at left midfield.

Young Player of the Season Kentaro Shigematsu
Had a spell during the middle of the season where he was our best player. Bizarrely didn’t get starts at that time despite being the only person who looked like scoring.
Will almost certainly return to FC Tokyo and get more games from the bench next year. A shame as he needs time on the pitch more than anything at the moment.

Worst Performer Yutaka Takahashi
A close run thing between Makoto Tanaka and Yutaka. Makoto would have been an easy choice with his 40m yen salary, but he had a coulpe of great games at the end of the season.
Yutaka is on the pitch solely as a goal-scorer. He only got 2 all season and doesn’t do much else for the team except get goals.

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