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The Christmas season in Japan is the time of year when lots of players come and go from clubs. With the majority of players seeming to be on 1 year contracts it isn’t unusual to see a large number of players coming and going, the near total change of the Avispa first XI last December being a big factor in our eventual relegation.

It is already known that Makoto Tanaka, Tatsunori Yamagata and Ramazotti would be leaving the club, but Ramazotti’s departure was officially confirmed by the club and player today.

After scoring 1 goal in 4 games he wasn’t given much chance to show his worth, and took a long time to get started after arriving in August so when he did finally get to play we were pretty much already relegated anyway.

He made a comment on his exit which I’ll roughly translate as “I was there just a short time, but thank-you for your warm encouragement. I couldn’t score the goals to remain in J1, I’m very sorry. I sincerely hope to support Avispa Fukuoka in the future. Thank-you”

I hope he gets another club soon, and hope the reason he isn’t staying isn’t about money. As a tall striker who tries to put himself about he would have had the chance to emulate Hulk by scoring a hatful of goals in J2 and making a real name for himself, before moving on in a big transfer. Heading back to Brazil or to a European second division he now risks becoming a journey-man striker rather than the real star he could have been in J2. He isn’t the most mobile, or quickest, but in a league of shorter than average defenders could have done very well.

As one striker leaves another joins, or at least joins on full terms after being on the books as a Designated University player for 18 months, as Daisuke Ishizu joins from Fukuoka University. Almost the total opposite of Ramazotti he is a short, mobile striker who uses his pace against defences. He hasn’t had a chance to play for the first team yet, but is the style of free-scoring, out-and-out striker we have needed who can take chances with both feet.

I hope we can keep Yoshihara next season and build these two together as a little and large strike partnership who are the same age and work together.

A very rough translation of his comments on joining the club: “From a young age I have been dreaming of becoming a professional footballer, and am very pleased to be able to join a local club; Avispa Fukuoka. I aim to score a goal for the first team. Also, I’ll make a point of playing passionately as a forward. I give it the most effort I can, so thanks for your support”.


Posted December 6, 2011 by avispafukuoka in News

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