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Kamiyama – 5 Seems odd to be giving as high as 5 for a keeper who conceded 7 goals but bizarrely he wasn’t really to blame for any goal. He could have been a bit quicker for the early long shots, but didn’t have much chance really.

Kim Min Je – 4 Got an assist for the goal, but his defending is his weakest point. Got a great assist with an excellent cross, but also gave away a penalty and got totally out-foxed in the box for one of the goals. Left midfield please.

Tatsunori – 2 Terrible last match. 5 of the goals came from the right side of midfield where Tatsunori was leaving big gaps and missing runners. Don’t know where he is going next, but on this performance he won’t be missed.

Makoto – 3 Came back for a brief late season cameo but played a game too many. It’ll make retirement easy having been torn apart by kids today.

Yamaguchi – 3 An agricultural defender he will always have problems with movement and technique. J2 class, this match highlighted it.

Suzuki Jun – 3 Cannot play as part of a midfield 2. He doesn’t have the dynamism and will get isolated against teams playing with 3.

Nakamachi – 3 Not sure what the future holds for this guy. Today may have been his last game and it won’t be leaving on a high.

Matsuura – 4 Gave up in the 2nd half. If he was thinking about staying for another year with Avispa this may have changed his mind.

Hideya – 3 Playing against a strong midfield team the Trequartista striker must come back and help midfield. Getting a highlights reel of goals for youtube won’t help the club in the long run.

Naruoka – 3 His right-back was getting murdered, midfield needed bolstering, he didn’t seem to be on the pitch at times.

Jogo – 5 Fantastic finish for the goal. I’d like to see him pushed into the attacking midfielder/second striker role next season. Give him a year of running and learning when to drop and have a proper striker in the middle.

Shigematsu – 4 Looking to score goals for himself. Won’t be around next season.

Ushinohama – 4 Not really the sort of a game to throw a young kid into. He did no worse than anyone else, but it could kill some confidence.

Ramazotti – 4 Last time he’ll pull on an Avispa shirt. Needs a very specific type of ball. If they are not going to base a plan around him then it isn’t worth playing him as he needs a certain type of play.

Asano – 3 Thanks for the hard work. You’ve made strange choices throughout the season regarding players, and didn’t change a formation which wasn’t working, but carried yourself admirably throughout your time in charge.


Posted December 5, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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