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I’d been expecting Avispa to lose this game by a few clear goals, playing as we do with 2 fairly immobile central midfielders I could foresee us never getting hold of the ball and our defenders being picked apart from this base. I hadn’t expected it to be done so comprehensively and for us to lose 7-1, but it seems the players are already on holidays and were done a favour by Montedio losing to avoid finishing rock bottom (which means we beat all the pundits on the JAG Show predictions!).

I’m glad this result happened in a way. If we had gone down with the abiding memory being that we beat Yamagata 6-0 a couple of weeks ago then maybe the new manager might think the team was good enough to stick with many of the players and the shape. This match should have shown that there needs to be some big changes, primarily to shape but also with some new personnel.

Cerezo have a vibrant, young midfield full of players who can pass and move, see an opening and shoot from range. It was an excellent exhibition of how you can play with a 5 in midfield and still be an attacking force if your players have an inclination to get forward and break into the box.
The first goal came from Cerezo having way too much space in midfield which allowed Fujimoto to compose himself and arrow a long shot into the corner. Kamiyama got nowhere near it, and Avispa had fallen behind to a defensive midfielder who had been allowed to push all the way up to deep in the Avsipa half.

Avispa briefly seemed to have a chance of making a game of it as Jogo did a trademark classy finish from a cross coming into the box and finding him perfectly. Predictably the cross was from Kim Min Je, and it is exactly the sort of outstanding finish which Jogo is capable of and makes him such a frustrating player to watch sometimes. If he sorts his head out and plays as someone willing to attack the ball and take risks he could be a top player.

Cerezo took the equalising goal as a brief blip and went on to score 3 unanswered goals before half-time. The first was a great individual goal from Kiyotake who was again given lots of space to run into with lots of weak tackles and hit an unstoppable shot into the same corner as the first goal. The 3-1 goal was a result of terrible defending, after the left winger was allowed to run as far as the box a deflected shot ballooned up for Kim Bo Kjung wearing comedy head gear to easily beat his compatriot Kim Min Je with a great first touch and shot into the far corner. 4-1 at half-time was completed after Kim Min Je got too close to a Cerezo player after another left wing cross and rather than let himself be beaten just fouled the guy instead for an easily converted penalty by Kurata.

The second half was never going to see anything other than more goals for the home side in front of a crowd in festival mode and they weren’t disappointed.
With Tatsunori playing very narrow to try and combat the dominance in central defence Kurata made a well timed run off his shoulder to have a free run on goal to get his second. As far as last games go I’m guessing Tatsunori hadn’t dreamt it would be like this.
The hapless Avispa defence was again dissected by a Cerezo midfield which under the inspiration of Kiyotake and the wide open spaces being offered by Avispa were able to pick their passes and find runners at ease. 19 year old Kenyu Sugimoto helped himself to a Senior squad goal after a run past the right back position before fellow youngster Murata was played through the middle to complete a 7-1 humiliation.


Posted December 5, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Match Reports

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