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Having announced that Asano won’t be our manager for next year I’ve been thinking it must be because the club have someone else lined up, or Asano doesn’t want to stay.
His performance as manager has been pretty good, and has been a credit to the club with his dignified manner in face of victory or defeat.

News today that Wagner Lopes (naturalised Brazilian who went to France 98 as a Japan player) has said he is looking to leave Paulista for a foreigh country, and that he was apparently spotted in Hakata today have set rumours spreading that he might be returning to Avispa as coach.
The rumour is further fueled by the announcement of Takuya Jinno as General manager, a player who Wagner Lopes has known since they played together at Nissan Motors over 20 years ago.

It is an exciting development which may pave the way for a fresh new batch of talented Brazilians returning to Avispa with a manager who speaks Portuguese and Japanese.

Elsewhere Jumbo has been released by Montedio to spend the offseason looking for a new club for the second year running. Hopefully he can find himself a friendly J2 club and get back to being a hero again!

***UPDATE*** Maybe just visiting friends if he was down here as it looks like he will be the new coach at Gamba Osaka. Fans now saying new manager will be announced straight after Cerezo match.


Posted November 29, 2011 by avispafukuoka in News

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