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At the start of the season this looked like a big game with one of Asia’s most popular clubs coming to Level-5 at the business end of the season, it has only increased in size after Urawa’s terrible season has seen them at risk of being relegated. A story as big as Kashiwa having a chance of winning the league.

If Urawa win today they will avoid relegation so have a big incentive to play, while Avispa have their last home game in J1 and the last home game for Makoto Tanaka, Asano (and a few others I guess).

Mako is likely to come back in to say good-bye(I think his suspension is over), and I expect Yamaguchi to partner him after working pretty well together against Shimizu. Despite having done well in that game it will probably need some help from the two in front of them to stop an expensive Urawa attack who know they need to score.

I’d like to see Nakamachi play behind the striker again to add more numbers to midfield, but after winning 5-0 in the last game doubt that the team will be changed too much.

I’ve read a few posts from Urawa fans thinking this game will be fairly straight forward, but think they might be in for a bit of a surprise with a team looking to say goodbye to J1 in front of their own fans.
Would be nice to see Ramazotti again. I don’t know what his future holds at the club, but seeing someone who offers something a little different, and is clearly working as hard as he can lifts the stadium and team with it.

I still don’t know what the situation is with Jogo and Daiki, and being Asano’s last game will be trying to find out any information about what is going on behind the scenes.

My Prediction.

Avispa 2 – 3 Urawa Reds

Going for a high scoring game, with Avispa maybe taking the lead and then Urawa having to pull something out the bag after seeing Kofu are winning. Nakamachi to get a goal from a corner.


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  1. JsGoal had a post saying Yamagata, Shimizu,and Ramazotti would not be renewed for next year.

  2. That was confirmed after the match tonight with all three getting a bouquet of flowers after the match and being announced to be leaving.

    Not sure what that means for the rest of the squad but those 3 definitely won’t be in Fukuoka it seems.

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