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The club announced that Asano wouldn’t be having his contract renewed for another year after taking over from Shinoda halfway through the season and failing to avoid relegation.

It was always very unlikely that the club were going to stay up, so if that is what they were expecting him to do then they had very unrealistic expectations. Coming a couple of days after a 5-0 away win was a pretty strange time to make the announcement too.

The team has got better since he took over, and I have an idea that we might have been a little closer to staying up if we had had him from the start. In 19 games that Shinoda was at the club we got 8 points; in the 12 games that Asano has been in charge we got 14. Nothing great, but an improvement.

It does lead to a question about what effect this will have on players coming and going at the club over winter. Asano has seemed to be close to Nakamachi having both known each other at Shonan, but has also been the manager who had him on the bench for the last quarter of the season.
Jogo is a big question mark, having missed the first game Asano managed for mental reasons he hasn’t even been in the squad for the last few games.
Ramazotti was brought in at around the time Asano started, but I’ve never known if he was Asano’s man having arrived at a similar time to new sponsorship and then not getting much of a chance despite being awkwardly effective when he has played.

There are a few quite high profile managers within Japan who are floating around with no club, it’ll be interesting to see how ambitious Avispa are with their next appointment. With contracts needed to be sorted, and any new manager needing to take a look at players someone new needs to be brought in pretty soon.


Posted November 24, 2011 by avispafukuoka in News

4 responses to “Asano gone

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  1. There was an article in Sports Hochi? a couple weeks ago saying Masaaki Kanno was going to take over….he had three pretty unsuccessful stints in J2 at Mito,Omiya, and Shonan(2008-2009)

    If I can track down the article I’ll post the link


    Here it is. Don’t know if he’s still in the picture or not.

    • Cheers for the link, I hadn’t seen that.

      Doesn’t really seem like a step up from what we have had. He would have worked with Asano (and Nakamachi) at Shonan Bellmare. I get the impression decisions may be being made due to politics rather than results.

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