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Some big scores from a team which didn’t notably didn’t include the big 3 (Daiki, Jogo, Nakamachi) in the starting line-up.

Kamiyama – 8 Made one great save as he clawed a header off the line, and dealt with everything else calmly. Probably done enough to earn a new contract as #1.

Kim – 7 Caught out of position a couple of times, but that will always happen with a defender who overlaps the winger all game.

Tatsunori – 7 Captain for the day he put in a good performance. Stronger in defence than Yusuke.

Yamaguchi – 8 As a last ditch defender he throws himself in front of balls, and commits himself well. Needs help with distribution, but that isn’t really his job.

Kobara – 8 Kept a clean sheet in a makeshift defence against battling strikers. Saw and picked out Ushinohama’s run for the fifth goal.

Suzuki Jun – 8 Tackled well in midfield at times, and more importantly broke into the box in attack. Got his first J1 goal and will hopefully grow in confidence from it.

Sueyoshi – 8 Also got an assist, and helped run midfield as part of a young pair. I still want to see him tackling harder.

Naruoka – 7 His best performance as a winger, but he clearly doesn’t want to be out there. Drifted inside and helped stretch the defence.

Hideya – 7 Held the ball up really well at times. Showed that he can be effective with his back to goal and bring others in. Still think he could work harder.

Matsuura – 9 Put himself in the window for a decent contract somewhere. Dynamic performance as he got the better of his full-back, was directly involved in the 1st goal, and scored Goal of the Season for the 2nd. Love his enthusiasm, but needs to collect a few fouls to be a top player unfortunately.

Yutaka – 8 Linked play very well, and scored a great goal, but I think it is a little short-sighted to be bringing him in now. Will he be here next year?

Nakamachi – 6 Came on in the 2nd half and did OK, but I was thinking he might be able to show something special against a stretched demoralised team.

Shigematsu – 7 Hungry for goals when he came on he wanted to take free-kicks, and forced a mistake for the 4th goal.

Ushinohama – 9 I’ve been calling out for some youngsters to be given games and this is what happens. Tenacious in defence he took his first goal intelligently, and showed sublime touch to get a second. The experience he got today was invaluable, I just wish others had the same chance.

Asano – 9 5 – 0 win away from home with some youngsters playing and a new defensive partnership, can’t really complain about that. Has done ok since starting, but it seems as soon as thing are looking brighter he is going to leave.


Posted November 23, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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