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With little to play for except pride in the remaining League matches the Emperor’s Cup is the last chance for some glory this season, and the way the team has been playing with some attacking freedom and absence of pressure Avispa might be seen as a dark horse to get to the later stages.

The match is away to Vegalta Sendai so needs a long trip up north, but comes just 3 days before a match against Montedio Yamagata so I wouldn’t be surprised if the squad stays up in that area for a mini-break away from Fukuoka. It would certainly seem to make sense to try and avoid doing the longest travel of the season twice in a week.

The Emperor’s Cup doesn’t have much of a following really, but I’m not that surprised as I would go to watch a game if I could but in the time I have followed Avispa they have never had a home game in the Emperor’s Cup despite making the semi-finals last year. I’d even go and watch Fukuoka University if I could, but they also haven’t played in the city and are now playing Bellmare in Omiya for reasons I don’t really understand.

Due to the travel situation I expect similar teams for both games, but there should be some squad players getting game time in at least one of the games. Hard to know which game will be seen as more important to get closer to full strength, but personally I’d like to see them go for the Cup.

My Prediction

Sendai 0 – 0 Avispa (Avispa to win on penalties)
Drab mid-week affair. Kamiyama to play in the Cup and make some big saves in the shoot-out.


Posted November 15, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Preview

6 responses to “vs. Vegalta Sendai (preview)

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  1. I think there is motivation to win this game. I prefer to think that the Wasp can make a goal and end … No need to go to penalties. I count on the attacker’s goal RAMAZOTTI. I hope a lot for the Avispa win! STRENGTH, AVISPA !!!!!!!

  2. They announced the venues well in advance. Japan is weird about changing things at the last minute.

  3. I guessed that was the case about stadiums, with Omiya expected to beat Fukuoka University, but I watched that game on TV and it seemed like a real shame to be playing in an empty stadium.

    Sendai blew Avispa away early on. Do you know anything about Ramazotti, Graziela? With more game opportunities I’m wondering if he is keen to come to J2 and score a bunch of goals.

    • Hello! I am a press office for the player Ramazotti. He really liked the club and even the warm welcome he had of the fans.
      He just has to thank everyone for their attention and he would have done much more, but unfortunately it was not possible.
      He wants to be renewed next year. We are awaiting an official proposal of the board of Avispa to begin the renewal process.
      I congratulate you for the work done. Very interesting to follow this team. Access the blog frequently.
      Any information you can contact me by email! Big hug …

      • Re: Ramazotti,
        I think he could do very well at J2 level, in a similar way to Aaroy did at JEF before he got injured.

        He has caused problems for defenders every time I have seen him, and we really need a dedicated striker. If he could get totally fit I think he could score enough goals to get really noticed in J2.

    • Most of the games were empty……Urawa only had 7000 and they were playing a local team at home. I agree with you that they should play closer to the teams who are playing……they should give home games to the lower level squads. The JFA does alot of stupid stuff imo

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