vs. Shimizu S-Pulse (ratings)   3 comments

Kamiyama – 5 He had very little to do, but when he was called upon to make a save he pushed Bosnar’s free-kick into his goal. Consistency is the most important thing for a keeper, and he has very little.

Yusuke – 9 When I watched back the commentary after the match it was saying that Yusuke has been wanting to play at right-back and it showed. A total revelation, tenacious in defence and an incredible attacking outlook who can run with the ball, and knows wingers want early balls in front of them.

Kim Min Je – 8 Against a team with international strength attacking talent he was rarely troubled in defence, and is the best crosser of a ball in the squad by some distance.

Makoto – 8 Rolled back the years with a good commanding performance. Thought he might get a game for nostalgic reasons, but on this evidence should have been playing a bit more this season.

Yamaguchi – 6 The guy has almost no skill, but does seem aware of his limitations and does OK as a brave defender throwing himself into things. Good match with the positioning of Makoto.

Sueyoshi – 6 Should have scored with a header, and then nearly scored with a drive. Not great, but at least he was trying to get into positions and adding to attack.

Suzuki – 7Really riled Ljungberg with some strong tackling, and should watch the game back to see how much the crowd appreciated it and how much it put off the opposition. Needs to keep tackling hard.

Matsuura – 7 Not sure if I agree with him being in the team, but maybe he has agreed to stay next season. Remains a good outlet, but needs to be a bit more clinical with his chances. Horrible thing to say but maybe he needs to be a bit more cynical about getting penalties when there is contact in the box if he is going to make it at top division level.

Nakamachi – 8 Breaking into the box is a big talent for him, and being played in this position gives him more licence to do so. It also helps to have someone more composed higher up the pitch to try and move the play higher.

Naruoka – 6 Some decent touches, some indulgent passes behind his back, pretty much a standard Naruoka perfromance. Has seen Nakamachi come into his favoured role and play better than he has all season.

Jogo – 5 Must attack the ball. Trying to run onto balls might work in J2 when defenders will miss balls and make mistakes, at J1 level he needs to be moving towards the ball not away from it.

Ramazotti – 7Big surprise to see him again, I thought he was long gone, but a pleasant surprise. Looks totally ungainly, but is very effective and makes the team look so much more threatening to have a proper target striker. I hope he does all he can to stay next year and score 25 in J2.

Shigematsu – 6 Ran a bit, but the mid-season blip when he seemed our best player might be over. Asano may have been right all along in not playing him when I wanted him every game.

Miyaji – 6 2 minutes on the pitch, had nothing to do.

Asano – 8 Didn’t change the personnel as much as I thought he might, but the full-backs were perfect, Nakamachi was higher up the pitch, Ramazotti got a chance. Only negative for me would be if Shigematsu and Matsuura are not at the club next season then Masato and Ushinohama should have been getting experience.


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3 responses to “vs. Shimizu S-Pulse (ratings)

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  1. just a quick question, but anyone know what happened to the rising sun website?

    • There was a short discussion about it on the bigsoccer forum, and no-one seems to know.

      It is a shame as it was the best place for match reports, but I can understand how much time it must have taken.
      I’m hopeful that it might come back so haven’t deleted the link yet, but Super Avispa never came back.

  2. yeah it is a shame. it seems like he was betrayed/cheated with the cryptic “trsut no one” line… anyhow hope it will be back…

    i think super avista was similar to this site but not as in depth and hence decided it wasn’t worth keeping…

    but please keep up with this blog especially next season when we’re back in J2 and coverage will be even less.

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