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Avispa’s first game as a relegated club comes on the National Holiday today as Shimizu come down to town.

I’m very interested to see who plays as Asano said in his post-match interview that he wouldn’t play anyone who was feeling too sorry for themselves about being relegated.
What I hope that means is we will see a fresh new team of hungry young players like Masato and Ushinohama. I also hope it means that Shigematsu and Matsuura don’t play as it doesn’t help us long term.
It may also give an early glimpse at players who aren’t going to stay at the club next year.

I’m also excited to see Shimizu as a club I’d like to see do well having brought in a few non-braxilian foreigners which is something interesting for me and maybe something which could appeal to Avispa if it works well after their experience with Ramazzotti this season. Freddie Ljungberg being the obvious big draw at the moment.

My prediction.

Avispa 1 – 2 Shimizu
A spirited performance from a young team, but eventually over powered by a Shimizu team playing pretty well.
If we play our normal team it is a total wasted opportunity and i’ll start questioning some of the decisions being made at the club.


Posted November 3, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Preview

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