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Kamiyama – 6 Didn’t do much well, or much badly. No idea who is number 1 choice for keeper now, but can’t see us keeping Kamiyama and Rokutan. They will both want to play, and neither is really good enough to claim it.

Wada – 5 Secured his reputation as the angel of death when it comes to relegation. Plays too narrow to nullify wing attacks at J1 level.

Tatsunori – 5 Seems to be playing well below himself at the moment. His game is running, and if he can’t motivate himself to do that then there isn’t much point.

Daiki – 4 The team cannot play when his head drops, and that seems to happen as soon as we go behind at the moment. Muscled off the ball again, will be on the highlights reel of a few strikers this season.

Kobara – 5 never anything other than an adequate J2 defender. Should stay next season and needs a young player pushing him for selection.

Sueyoshi – 4 Someone needs to tell him he is in the team as a defensive screen. His diagonal balls work only 15% of the time, and he cannot see the easy pass.

Suzuki – 5 Hasn’t fulfilled the creative potential I thought he could do, maybe his left foot isn’t as good as I thought it was. Needs to add tackling and energy to make up for this if he wants to be a J1 player.

Naruoka – 4 The guy is a mystery. He clearly has class and history, but has never taken off this year. Being asked to play on the right is one of the big problems, he doesn’t seem to have any idea how to stretch play with width.

Jogo – 5 A much better player when alongside a proper striker, but cannot be alongside other ‘luxury’ players as between them they allow the other team too much space and don’t help the 2 man midfield.

Matsuura – 4 Time for him to take a break (unless he has committed to next year). Started almost every game, and had a lot of the ball but in reality has looked quite good without making more than 4-5 chances all season. No end product.

Shigematsu – 5 Should be playing his heart out. While Avispa are relegated this is his chance to show FC Tokyo he can play at J1 level. Energy level has dropped from mid-season, but a 19 year old is always likely to be inconsistent.

Yusuke – 6 Came on and got an assist. Must be wondering what is going on to see Naruoka playing in his position.

Hideya – 4 Will be able to find a new club by virtue of the goals he has scored this season, and I would be happy for him to do so to be honest. Decent player, but doesn’t work hard enough to be in the same team as Jogo (who isn’t going anywhere).

Yutaka – 6 Took his goal well and will end up with the season figures of 29 substitute appearances and 1 goal which I predicted at the end of the season.

Asano – 4 Would have been lower but he came out and took responsibility (unnecessarily) after the game, and said he wouldn’t play anyone who was depressed by relegation against Shimizu. Hopefully this means we’ll see the younger players I’ve been asking for for weeks.


Posted November 2, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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