vs. Albirex Niigata (report)   Leave a comment

Albirex 3 – 1 Avispa
2′ Homma, 62′ Cho Young, 82′ Cho Young, 88′ Yutaka

And so as expected Avispa got relegated back to J2 after what was an easy win for Niigata. They may have been annoyed at conceding a late goal on one of Avispa’s only meaningful attack, but on the whole will surely be happy at continuing their good run of form.

Avispa were outclassed all over the pitch, especially by Korean Cho Young-Choi who after making 3 goals in the home match made another and scored 2 to confirm him as one of the underrated stars in J1 at the moment.

The scoring started after 2 minutes when Cho easily rounded Yamagata and pulled back for Albirex Captain Homma in acres of space to choose his spot and curl over Kamiyama. I have no idea where Jun and Sueyoshi thought they were but it would be a pattern for the rest of the match as the Albirex midfield could pass around almost at will.

Avispa nearly equalised with a goal from nothing as Shigematsu hit the bar with an ambitious shot from out right, but it would represent Avispa’s only real half chance to score until the 88th minute.

It was no surprise when Albirex doubled their lead, and no surprise it came from the Korean as he curled a shot over Kamiyama after being fed on the left corner of the box by the otherwise unimpressive Michel.
The third goal was due and completed a brace for Cho after Bruno Lopes ran into the box after easily pushing the weak Daiki off the ball, and possibly being fouled in trying to find a team-mate. It didnt matter as the ball fell to Cho to easily score in the unguarded net.

With 10 minutes to go Yutaka was brought on despite us already being relegated, but did at least manage to get a goal for the season after a long ball from Jogo reached Yusuke to lift over the defence for Yutaka to get a goal which apart from him I doubt anyine cared about.

After the match Asano needlessly took responsibility, but also stated that those who were overly dissapointed by relegation wouldn’t be playing in the last 4 games which I hope means we’ll see some fresh faces.


Posted October 23, 2011 by avispafukuoka in Match Reports

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